hCaptcha Enterprise

Zero friction humanity verification

Solve your bot problem today.

Trusted by the largest online services

Built on the proven hCaptcha platform

hCaptcha Enterprise runs on hCaptcha platform technology, extended to include the features high traffic enterprises need.

A reliable partner

The world's largest companies depend upon hCaptcha Enterprise. Integration is simple, and detection accuracy is unparalleled.
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Why did we use hCaptcha? No one else could deliver on the features and performance we needed. They got us up and running quickly, and our merchants love the experience.

— Alex M.
Product Manager, Flash, Shopify

We evaluated a number of CAPTCHA vendors as well as building a system ourselves. In the end, hCaptcha emerged as the best alternative to reCAPTCHA.

— Sergi Isasi
Director of Product Management, Cloudflare

The cost effective option for high traffic enterprises

Finally, a credible alternative to Google. hCaptcha Enterprise delivers savings on your reCAPTCHA bill with higher security, robust analytics, and much more.

Many of the world's largest online services have switched to hCaptcha Enterprise and received improved bot detection alongside substantial cost savings.

Privacy Focused

Ad networks see your visitors as the product. For us the only goal is determining their humanity. Our services meet or exceed GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and PIPL requirements, and we work hard to balance privacy and security.

This unique focus on privacy means that we can offer zero individual data retention, cookie-free operation, and other contractual privacy guarantees as required while maintaining excellent security.

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Security First

Accuracy is in your interest and ours. hCaptcha works to give you real data and let you decide how to use it. Other security solutions are provided by Gigantic advertising companies. This means every bot they block may reduce their revenue.

Our innovations in privacy-focused ML let us exceed the security standards of legacy "record everything forever" strategies without harming security or user privacy.

Great User Experience

For Enterprise users, options are available to completely avoid challenges in most scenarios, relying on passive scores.

Reduce friction by avoiding a challenge entirely for 99.9% of your legitimate traffic while still providing excellent security.

Easy integration

Add hCaptcha with three lines of code. If you are coming from reCAPTCHA, our API is compatible and it takes only minutes to switch.

You can be up and running with a superior alternative today, and turn on more advanced features as necessary.
<div     class = "g-recaptcha"             → "h-captcha"
 data-sitekey = "recaptcha_key""hcaptcha_site_key">
Server Side:
POST https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/siteverify
POST https://api.hcaptcha.com/siteverify

Customized Threat Scores

Not all problems are the same: getting a single score means it must address your needs to be useful.

With our novel design for Customized Threat Scores,   adding your business knowledge allows our models to deliver scores uniquely relevant to your users.

Launch Your Own Challenges in Seconds

Stay on brand with relevant content
When users must solve a challenge to meet your security requirements, why not ask questions pleasant and relevant to the user?

With our simple custom challenge designer, you can launch on-brand challenge content in just a few minutes.

Direct Platform Integration

For Web Infrastructure Companies
The hCaptcha Enterprise system is uniquely flexible in its design: it can be partially or entirely deployed at the edge of your network if you operate a public cloud or own many data centers.

This can dramatically reduce off-network traffic and costs while retaining all the benefits of management by our 24/7 on-call staff to meet the strictest SLAs.

Reachable Expertise and Support For Both You and Your Users

Service is a top priority for us. We maintain 24/7 on-call support and offer direct Slack coordination with your engineering integration team and our on-call staff during and after implementation.

We are also committed to actively monitoring and responding to your users' questions across social media, forums, and our in-widget and email support channels. We are accessible and responsive, and treat user satisfaction as a top KPI.

Enterprise features

hCaptcha Enterprise is a complete online security solution. Active and passive modes let you stop credential stuffing, detect account takeovers, and block suspicious actors. All with zero friction for legitimate users.

Start quick with a few lines of code and our 99.9% passive mode, or take full control over when and how users are challenged. Custom threat models and customizable challenges mean unrivaled flexibility to ensure security.
World-class anti-bot protection
Battle-tested at web scale.
High accuracy bot scores
Detect bad actors of many different types.
Zero friction and 99.9% passive modes
Challenge less than 0.1% of legitimate users.
Control challenge types shown
Wide library of types to choose from.
Control challenge content used
Stay on brand with a consistent user experience.
Enterprise SLAs
Guaranteed reliability and fast 24/7 on-call support.
Legacy browser support
Compatible all the way back to Internet Explorer 8.
Support for non-JavaScript clients.
Advanced reporting dashboards and API
See what's happening across all your sites and apps.
Works in every country
Unlike reCAPTCHA, we work in every country.
GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD-friendly privacy policy
Designed for privacy from day one. Strong Data Processing Agreement.
Fine-grained difficulty levels
Dial this in to exactly fit your use case.
First-party hosting
All requests and assets go to hcaptcha.yourdomain.com
Multi-user dashboards
Share management across your team.
SAML SSO integration with your Identity Provider, e.g. Okta or Azure AD.
Sophisticated RBAC access restrictions available.
Instant Verification
0ms latency: verify hCaptcha tokens with no API call.
Mobile (iOS and Android) Integration
Seamless experience across web, native mobile, mobile web. Pre-built integrations and native SDKs available.
Customized Terms and Privacy Guarantees
Satisfy your legal needs when other companies cannot.

Presented Challenges


Select all images that match query

Bounding Box

Define bounding area for objects


Identify the corresponding labels

...and other simple tasks. Easy for humans, hard for bots.
Custom tasks also available for enterprise publishers.

Integration couldn't be easier

hCaptcha has dozens of pre-built integrations for the frontend and backend systems you use.

If you happen to be coming from Google's reCAPTCHA, our APIs are drop-in replacements. Three lines of code are all you need.

Our onboarding engineers can get you going quickly, whether you need React integration, SDKs for iOS native apps, a Java backend example, or virtually any other scenario.

And as always, privacy is a core value for us. Add our challenge code only where it is necessary, and where it makes sense to protect both you and your users. Minimizing data collection starts from the moment of integration.
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