Work for hCaptcha

Our Mission is Big

We’re growing quickly and are always looking for the world’s best talent across our global offices. You can apply with the links below.

What We Do

hCaptcha is a service of Intuition Machines Inc, an AI and machine learning company with a focus on metalearning and visual domain ML at scale.

We build and operate massively scalable systems to enable video and image analysis services for Global 2000 companies around the world.

Why It Matters

More data generally produces better results. Building and maintaining correctly labeled and relevant datasets is time consuming and expensive.

hCaptcha was originally developed to address our own needs in image labeling, and is now available for other companies with similar needs.



CEO. Recognized leader in AI. Has applied machine intelligence at scale to a wide variety of business problems over the past decades.


PhD in Computational Biology, Stanford. Working with neural networks since 1999. Focus on applied ML and deep learning at scale.


Database and Blockchain expert. Early engineer at Cloudera and more. Decades of expertise building software and teams.


Brendan Eich

CEO of Brave. Co-founder of Mozilla. Creator of the JavaScript programming language. Builder of browsers and more.

Dawn Song

Professor, CS at University of California, Berkeley. Deep learning, security, blockchain expert. CEO of Oasis Labs.

Keiran Thompson

Research Scientist at Stanford. Machine learning and quant finance at major banks, hedge funds, and academia.