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Reporting DMCA Complaints

DMCA Registered Agent

The hCaptcha Designated Agent for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is [email protected]. Alternate methods of contact are documented in the U.S. Copyright Office DMCA Designated Agent Directory here.

Repeat Infringer Policy

As part of our DMCA Policy, we place accounts of customers for whom we receive multiple DMCA notifications of alleged infringement into a multi-step DMCA Repeat Infringer Policy. Upon receipt of repeated DMCA notifications in a calendar month, the customer account will progress from one policy step to the next one.

Actions that we may take under the DMCA Repeat Infringer Policy include sending alerts of increased visibility to the account’s customer of record. In order to acknowledge these alerts, we may require the customer to log in to the account or call our support team. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate, as well as apply other interim measures to, the hCaptcha and IMI service of any customer for whom we have continued to receive DMCA notifications of alleged infringement even after we have sent repeat infringer alerts. In addition, we may terminate in our sole discretion other hCaptcha or IMI services provided to these customers when we terminate the hCaptcha service under this policy.

Other Complaints

If you see content that belongs to you reproduced on the hCaptcha platform and would like it removed for any reason, you may contact us via email.