Account Defense by hCaptcha: Stop Account Takeovers Today.

hCaptcha Account Defense brings a uniquely privacy-preserving approach to account takeover detection that works without needing information like the username or email address.
With a customer-validated takeover detection rate of up to 100%, Account Defense pushes forward the state of the art in account defense. Learn why some of the world's largest companies rely on it today.
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How It Works

Instantly Detect Bad Actors and Prevent Harm

Use with any Identity Provider

Account Defense is agnostic to the identity provider used, whether Okta, Entra, or your own internal identity system.
Integration is simple, and the standard hCaptcha SDKs you use today are already compatible.

Detect Intra-Session Takeovers

Users may be part of botnets, have malware installed, or be otherwise compromised in such a way that their accounts can be controlled after a legitimate login. Account Defense stops these attacks when you integrate protection on sensitive actions in your site or app flows.

Not Just a Binary Score

Account Defense gives you the data and confidence to act immediately when appropriate, and to set your own threshold on less suspicious user sessions. Avoid user friction while meeting your security requirements.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Account Defense includes powerful analysis and visualization tools. Detailed event hooks and APIs enable automated remediation, and let you easily integrate with your existing security analytics dashboards and SIEM.

The hCaptcha Enterprise Advantage

Best in Class Accuracy

hCaptcha Enterprise delivers up to 100% detection accuracy with virtually no false positives while safeguarding user privacy, and without ever seeing unblinded account data.

Works in Every Country

hCaptcha’s privacy-preserving design uniquely minimizes data processed and retained and processes data close to the user. hCaptcha is compliant with ​​GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPL and more.

Deploy in Minutes

Integrating hCaptcha Account Defense takes just minutes. If you're currently using hCaptcha, a few lines of backend code will get you started with no frontend code changes at all.