hCaptcha Branding Guidelines and General Trademark License

Guidelines on using the hCaptcha mark

We have created these guidelines and general trademark license to make it as easy as possible for our customers, partners, and fans to work with our brand while still preserving our corporate identity. If you need to use hCaptcha icons, logos, or other marks in ways that materially differ from these guidelines, you will need to contact us (IMI) for a written license.

While you may use hCaptcha marks per these guidelines, it does not mean that you have any vested rights in hCaptcha Marks, logos, or in any other trademark, trade name, service mark, business name or goodwill of hCaptcha. We want to grant as much flexibility as possible, but we're obligated to protect hCaptcha against unauthorized use of any trademark, trade name, service mark, business name or goodwill of hCaptcha. Any unauthorized use automatically terminates the permission or license granted by hCaptcha and may incur legal liabilities for any damages.

Thus, we must ask that you always use all hCaptcha marks and logos in a form that adheres to the rules below, including capitalization, typeface, and style. Thanks for your support!

hCaptcha® in text

Here’s how to use our name in written copy:

hCaptcha® should have a registered trademark symbol the first time it appears in a creative copy.

hCaptcha spelling should never be changed and hCaptcha should always be capitalized in the second letter ("C"). It is never plural or possessive.

"hCaptcha" should not be used as part of a brand name, joined with a hyphen, or used in names of applications or other products.

Instead use "for hCaptcha".If used with a third party logo, "for hCaptcha" needs to be smaller in size than the third party logo.

hCaptcha should be used as an adjective and followed by a proper generic term.

hCaptcha should never be used as a verb.

Don't use: "we hCaptcha'd our site."
Instead use: "we use hCaptcha to make our site safer and more secure."

Any use of the hCaptcha name in communications requires the attribution: "hCaptcha is a registered trademark of Intuition Machines, Inc."

Unacceptable Uses

Only accurate references are acceptable. It is not permissible to say that a site uses hCaptcha services and applications when it does not. Similarly, the use of our logo or any badges is likewise only appropriate when the site uses hCaptcha services.

hCaptcha trademarks, graphic symbols, logos, typeface, or icons may also not be used in a disparaging manner.
You may not use any hCaptcha trademark or logo which would imply that hCaptcha has an affiliation with or endorsement, sponsorship, or support of a third party product or service, without express written permission.

Under no circumstances shall an identical or nearly identical hCaptcha trademark be used as a domain name.
Third parties should not use variations or misspellings or act in any way that would cause any initial interest confusion over hCaptcha trademarks.

Other than Partners or Authorized Resellers, third parties may not bid for keywords, Google AdWords, or other targeted advertising systems using hCaptcha marks or misspellings. Nor may third parties use hCaptcha marks in domain names, any search engine optimization, meta tags, search terms, code, or other misrepresentation.

Other Restricted Marks

Some of our logos and marks are restricted to being used by hCaptcha and its partners. Third parties may not use the following marks without a written license from hCaptcha:

hCaptcha Partner™
hCaptcha Authorized Reseller™
hCaptcha Enterprise™
BotStop by hCaptcha™
hCaptcha logo™
BotStop logo™
Help Build a Better Web™
I am human™ (in the context of a humanity verification solution, e.g. a call to action)

Marks Used by Permission

Some of the logos and marks used by hCaptcha and its partners are owned by third parties and may be used only with their permission. Third parties may not use the following marks except as permitted by their owners:

HUMAN Protocol® is a registered trademark of the HUMAN Protocol Foundation, and is used with its permission.
HUMAN Token® is a registered trademark of the HUMAN Protocol Foundation, and is used with its permission.
HUMAN Network™ is a trademark of the HUMAN Protocol Foundation, and is used with its permission.

Other Marks

All other product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All other company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

Logo Policy

Our logo is instantly recognizable and one of our most valuable and important assets. To ensure that it remains a strong representation of our company, it must be presented in a careful and consistent manner across all channels of communication.

The hCaptcha logo is comprised of the hand icon and the hCaptcha logotype. In its alternate form, the hand icon may appear by itself when space is constrained and "hCaptcha" is used as a word mark (as described above) in close proximity to the hand icon, such that it is clear the hand icon represents hCaptcha.

The hCaptcha hand icon:

The hCaptcha hand icon

The hCaptcha logo:

hCaptcha logo (horizontal)