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The Future of Online Security

Privacy-Preserving Abuse Detection with Zero PII
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A new way to stop online fraud and abuse, whether human or automated.

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Learn Globally, Predict Locally

Easily find and deter specific classes of risk behavior through powerful, real-time joint learning. Deploy scalable security machine learning at a pace you never thought possible.

Deploy in Minutes, No Labels Needed

With Label-Optional Learning, a few clicks are all you need to adjust real-time behavior and generalize predictions to find similar high risk actors.

Combine Your Detections with Our Risk Intelligence

Seamlessly combine your pre-blinded data with our global models, ensuring provable privacy at every step. Our novel joint learning can outperform models trained solely on your own data, finding threats your existing strategies may overlook entirely.

Enhance Your Downstream Fraud and Risk Analysis

Seamlessly complement your various solutions. As part of a fully integrated risk platform, Private Learning includes real-time and offline inference, rich analytics, rules, orchestration, and more to address your risk management needs.

How It Works

Powerful Joint Learning

Merge your pre-blinded data with our models and risk classes to enable joint learning, with precise detection and deterrence of novel threats.

Custom Risk Definitions

Opt for standardized risk classes or define your own in minutes. Our models  adapt to your unique needs, addressing even the most challenging edge cases.


Instantly tag a new actor while simultaneously retraining models to detect similar activity, thwarting even sophisticated actors within seconds.

Detect and Deter Human and Automated Threats

Integrated AI/ML-driven detection, deterrence, insights, and remediation with rule-based control across the full user lifecycle.

Privacy-First, Globally Compliant

Private Learning is designed to comply with evolving privacy laws worldwide. Identify and prevent fraud without ever sharing sensitive customer data.

Industry-Leading Accuracy on Day 1

Unlike legacy approaches that take months to roll out, Private Learning bootstraps to rapidly produce useful, results through our novel, label-free learning strategies.

With state of the art automated safety mechanisms like drift detection, automated label quality control, rule-based score shaping, and more, you can rely on Private Learning from day 1.

Comprehensive and Familiar SDKs

Use the hCaptcha SDKs you already know. Just add a few new parameters to get custom class predictions, with total control over what pre-blinded data is sent and processed.

Scalable Backend Prediction APIs

Direct real-time and batch inference from your backend systems, no SDK session required. Protect API calls, machine-to-machine connections, in-game actions, and much more.

Private Learning enhances hCaptcha Enterprise

A Fully Integrated Protection Suite

Fully Customized Machine Learning Models
Whether human or automated, each fraud scenario gets its own model.
Rule-to-Learn: Immediate Adjustment of Model Behavior
Set your own rules to express business needs and update models.
Label-Optional Learning
Our novel approach lets you start scoring  in minutes, not weeks. No reporting required.
Standardized Risk Classes or Custom Risk Definitions
Predict risk according to your classes, or bootstrap from ours.
Real-Time Joint Learning for Higher Accuracy
Exceed the accuracy of models you could train yourself with our unique approach.
Anomaly Detection & Alerts
Stay on top of suspicious activity.
Legacy browser support
Compatible all the way back to Internet Explorer 8.
Support for non-JavaScript clients.
Powerful Dashboards with Rich Interpretability Features
Easily review traffic trends and visualize what’s driving detections.
Supports Fully Blinded Data
Private Learning has been optimized to work just as well with fully blinded data.
GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD-Compliant, Zero PII Operation
Designed for privacy from day one.
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