Stop Fraud and Abuse with hCaptcha Enterprise

Online threats are evolving rapidly. Is your solution keeping up?

hCaptcha Enterprise continuously evolves to shield you from bots, fraud, and abuse. Spend your time on what really matters: growing your business.

Stop Threats, Human or Bots

hCaptcha Private Learning finds human fraud rings, account takeovers, and other forms of abuse with our powerful Security ML platform. Deploy in minutes, with zero PII shared.

Adaptive Protection

hCaptcha uses continuous learning for superior accuracy over time. Rapidly adapting to new and evolving threats means less work for your teams.

The Leader in Security ML

hCaptcha safeguards millions of websites, mobile apps, and APIs around the world. Our solution is trusted by businesses of all sizes to keep online properties secure.

Works in Every Country

With our unique privacy-first design, stay compliant with data protection laws in every country without compromising security.

Simple Deployment

When users must solve a challenge to meet your security requirements, why not ask questions pleasant and relevant to the user?

Just two lines of code enable hCaptcha, and integrations with your favorite platforms, from Okta to WordPress, make it easy. iOS and Android native SDKs are also available.
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