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Introducing hCaptcha Pro

July 26, 2022

Have you ever wanted to offer a lower friction experience to your users while maintaining good defenses against automation?

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest solution, hCaptcha Pro. This delivers superior bot detection and mitigation, enabling a low friction experience for end users. You can turn it on in one click, making it just as simple to use as our classic free service.

hCaptcha Pro stays ahead of threat actors by learning from patterns of abuse across billions of requests, offering superior protection against evolving threats for your online services, websites, and mobile apps.

And soon, hCaptcha Pro will also let you complement your brand with custom themes and colors for a unique, cohesive experience. 

hCaptcha is easy to implement within your digital infrastructure, whether you use one of the many pre-existing integrations or implement yourself in just three lines of code.

We've also worked hard to keep it affordable, starting at just $99 per month on annual plans.

Don't let bot traffic hinder your success: sign up for hCaptcha Pro today!

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