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hCaptcha plugin for WordPress now available

May 2, 2019

It takes only seconds to start using hCaptcha for WordPress!

We have now published the official hCaptcha for WordPress plugin on the directory.

December 2020 Update: Many popular WordPress plugins have added native hCaptcha support. For example, here are instructions for enabling hCaptcha in the WPForms plugin. Please ask your favorite plugin author to enable support if they have not yet done so!


It takes only seconds to start using hCaptcha for WordPress!

  1. Sign up on to get your site key and secret key.
  2. Go to Plugins .. Add New in your WP Admin interface.
    (Or visit the hCaptcha for WordPress plugin page to download it.)

3. Search for “hCaptcha” and click Install Now

4. Click “Activate” after installing it. (Nothing will happen yet, don’t worry.)

5. Go to Settings .. hCaptcha to set it up.

6. Enter in your site key and secret key.

7. Choose which forms and pages to protect. Our plugin supports many common form types, but let us know if there’s one missing that you’d like to see.

8. Finally, click “Save hCaptcha Settings”

And you’re done!

Enjoy earning while you protect your site from spam, bots, and other threats.

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