Cost-effective data labeling at scale

Need more labels for your datasets? hCaptcha provides fast, cost-effective,  and high quality data labeling for companies working on artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.
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Launch millions of tasks instantly

hCaptcha has one of the largest pools on the planet available for your use. Whatever your scale, we can handle it without expensive upfront commitments. Millions of tasks per day are no problem.

Need End-to-End Control?

The HUMAN platform behind hCaptcha provides highly sophisticated work quality and management features via on-premise, hybrid, or SaaS deployments that integrate with your existing systems.

Run entirely offline with your own workforce, track value consumed across business units or consortium partners, selectively route jobs to different internal or external labor providers based on cost and security requirements, and more.

‍Easy API access, beautiful dashboards, and the latest model-in-the-loop technology to maximize worker efficiency.

99.99% uptime SLAs and 24/7 global support available.

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Simple API-driven pipelines

Want to integrate human review directly into your business operations? We offer high reliability SLAs, guaranteed capacity, and simple REST APIs.

Optimized for cost and quality

No upfront commitment required

The HUMAN platform uses comprehensive confidence models  to perform sophisticated real-time quality analysis. This allows us to quickly determine both the difficulty of questions and their likely right answer, saving you time and money.

Only pay for the accuracy you need

Not all problems are the same. Annotations for safety-critical tasks may require 99.99% confidence from entirely human workers. Annotations for one beta feature in a mobile game app may only require moderate confidence. You decide.

Provide your own ground truth data or let us build it on the fly

Do you have raw data without a comprehensive verification set? In most cases we can build one for you as tasks run through the system, or create labeled samples for your approval.

Annotation Types

Bounding Boxes

Accurate object detection in images and video


Define bounding area for objects


Point annotations for many different use cases

Attribute Categorization

Sort or append arbitrary categories of any size

Comparison and Detection

Human-powered detection and classification

... and many more

Need another type not listed here? Just ask us.

Getting Data Labeled


Define Specifications

Speak with one of our domain experts to define your project needs:  target accuracy, format, and any special requirements.


Initial Job Test

We execute a small production job based on your sample data. This tests the work we've done together to ensure you get exactly what you need.


Deploy Production Jobs

With our high volume and low latency we will turn your work around quickly, with automated delivery as soon as it's done.


Continuous Improvement

As we better understand the parameters of your production work, the results will continue to improve over time.


Real Time Results

Live dashboards allow you to provide feedback or pause production at any time. APIs and webhooks let you rapidly add data to your pipelines.

Want to give it a try with your data?

... we're ready when you are: our service is available around the clock.

About hCaptcha

hCaptcha is designed to solve the most labor intensive problem in machine learning; labeling massive amounts of data in a timely, affordable, and reliable way.

More data generally produces better results in training machine learning models. The recent success of deep models has led to increasingly large datasets, and hCaptcha serves this need. However, creating large human-reviewed datasets using traditional methods is both slow and expensive.

hCaptcha is a way for companies to get the annotations they require faster, with higher quality and at lower cost than other alternatives.

Private or Public Information

hCaptcha is built on the HUMAN platform, which allows sophisticated routing and analysis to optimize cost and efficiency at each step.
This technology lets the right workforce handle each part of your job, maximizing cost efficiency while preserving privacy and meeting any regulatory requirements that may apply.
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