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About Engineering at HCaptcha
HCaptcha products and services run at impressive scale: thousands of cores, large numbers of users. Building and maintaining the systems that power real-time services with high availability and performance requirements is challenging but rewarding work. The services we provide need to be highly scalable, always available, and globally accessible.They also need to adapt to various automated and manual behavioral attacks. This introduces many hard problems that require state-of-the-art solutions, some of which we are inventing as we go.
Available roles
HCaptcha is always hiring the best talent in all aspects of engineering. Even if you don't see a role below and are interested in Machine Learning or think you are exceptional in some other way, do not hesitate to reach out with a your Github profile, a link to your work, resume and linkedin profile. Our team celebrates and values diversity.
Web Services Engineer Requirements
As a engineer in a rapidly growing startup, your responsibilities will be fairly broad: we have a fairly flat structure and encourage everyone to wear multiple hats based on their talents.

What you would do day-to-day:
  • Javascript and Python Professional Experience
  • Professional Experience in an always on CI/CD developed environment.
  • Not afraid to get one's hands dirty with build and deployment.
  • Bonus skills: SQL, Redis, k8s, DevSecOps, CloudOps, Aws, Azure, GCP or IBM
  • Designing, communicating technical designs and improvements to high capacity, highly available systems.
  • Writing clearly structured, maintainable, well documented and tested code that meets our requirements and goals.
  • Sharing knowledge with the team and mentoring others as needed.
  • Performing occasional on-call shifts with the ability to resolve incidents and follow up on engineering changes*.
    *We have engineers in enough time zones that on-call shifts generally occur during the work day, but we all take turns on escalation.
HCaptcha Fellow and Internship program
You'll get a taste of our web intelligence platform, experience as an analyst and also gain experience  in our bleeding edge Machine Learning Platform
  • Javascript and Python Experience
  • Bonus: Reactjs experience.
  • The ability to write clean testable code. The ability to quickly read and understand code. Clear communication and a professional mindset.
  • Not afraid to act as an internet analyst and help prepare Machine Learning datasets for our customers
Blockchain Engineer Requirements
We are looking for someone to  manage our ERC20 and Escrow contracts and all of the python and Javascript APIs which consume them.

Your day to day will be managing our open source hmt-escrow projects along with the libraries which consume them internally.

You'll also manage our payment systems and make sure our customers get paid on time.
  • Solidity smart contract coding experience.
  • Ethereum production deployment, design and maintenance of high availability production blockchain infrastructure.
  • Optimization, scalability analysis for Layer 2 networks a plus.
  • Javascript and Python Professional or OSS Experience
  • Bonus: IPFS, IPNS, Infura, web3js frontend experience

Next Steps:

Send your CV, github, citizenship or visa status, and a brief cover letter to us via email if this sounds like you.

Please include: where you’d like to work, which role interests you, and why.