hCaptcha Enterprise Privacy

Designed for Privacy.

A uniquely privacy-driven approach to Enterprise online security.

Your user data is not for sale.

hCaptcha Enterprise has only one purpose: to prevent bad actors from disrupting your online operations and harming your users.

Our systems are thus designed from the ground up to minimize data collection and retention while maintaining class-leading security. The best way to protect user data is not to store it at all.

All customer relationships are also protected by a strong Data Processing Agreement. The hCaptcha service complies with all privacy laws no matter where your service or your customers reside. Not keeping personal data makes this much easier for us than for other companies.

Recording online activity is not the answer.

Services like reCAPTCHA v3 say that putting their tracking pixel on every page of your site is necessary for good security. This is not the case.

Simple behavioral analysis is a signal easily forged by bad actors, and requires retaining browsing history for all of your legitimate traffic as well.

We do not operate an ad network, and have no interest in observing your user behavior in order to sell them ads. This means we do not require a passive pixel on every page of your site.

Add our challenge code only where it is necessary, and where it makes sense to protect both you and your users.

Machine learning is useful. But it does not require personal data to work.

Machine learning now impacts almost every aspect of our lives, often in ways we do not realize and can not see. Online security services are no different.

By learning over thousands of signals, models can infer and reach high confidence in detecting malicious behavior very quickly, even when no individual signal would by itself be strong enough to indicate a problem.

However, none of this requires using personally identifiable information ("PII"). Modern cryptographic techniques allow us to discard any personal data as quickly as possible, creating instead one-way signatures that can not be linked to any individual.

Training on de-identified data works just as well, and does not require compromising on either security or privacy. Our customers have done the empirical tests, and have declared us equal to or better than much less private alternatives.

We liked a number of things about the hCaptcha solutions: 1) they don't sell personal data; they collect only minimum necessary personal data, they are transparent in describing the info they collect and how they use and/or disclose it.

— Sergi Isasi
Director of Product Management, Cloudflare

The cost effective option for high traffic enterprises

Finally, a credible alternative to Google. hCaptcha Enterprise delivers dramatic savings on your reCAPTCHA bill with higher security: up to 80% less expensive in some cases.

Many of the world's largest online services have switched to hCaptcha Enterprise and received improved bot detection alongside substantial cost savings.
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