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Protecting category leaders in every industry

hCaptcha Enterprise is the leader in privacy-first online security, used to protect hundreds of millions of people around the world.
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Switch from reCAPTCHA with two lines of code.

Universal Support: Hundreds of plugins and native integrations simplify rollout.

Comprehensive Security On Demand

One integration, many use cases

Bad Bots
Human Abuse
Account Takeovers
Credential Stuffing
Purchase Fraud
Card Testing
Chargeback Fraud
SMS Tolling Fraud
Platform Abuse
Affiliate Fraud

Ultra low friction, fully customizable

With passive and No-CAPTCHA modes, server side API protection and more, hCaptcha Enterprise is a complete security platform. From threat models to custom themes, get exactly the behavior you want.

Compliant and Universal

Works in every country

Unique Zero PII features simplify global compliance for regulated industries. Enable trust and safety while exceeding privacy standards like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.
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Designed for accessibility

Flexible options to meet both your security and WCAG 2.1 accessibility requirements, from text-based challenges to our passive Universal Accessibility system.
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Find Threats Without Fingerprinting Your Users

Traditional fingerprints are becoming useless for stopping attacks. Browser makers are working to break them, and attackers can easily emulate them.

Use Advanced Threat Signatures

Our Advanced Threat Signatures are a breakthrough in security ML, clustering attackers across thousands of IPs and devices while separating all good traffic into just one or a few signatures.

Stop Account Takeovers

hCaptcha Enterprise is not just a great way to stop credential stuffing and other high volume attacks. Find post-login and intra-session attacks, without sharing user data or personal information with us.

Find Human Fraud and Abuse Fast

Private Learning is a Revolution in Security ML

Learn why over 60% of the top online payment processors choose hCaptcha Enterprise to detect fraud and abuse. Our models deliver unparalleled precision with nearly zero false positives and no PII.
Run it on the web, in apps, or entirely server-side.

Risk Insights Powers Analysis and Your Own ML

A novel approach to signal enrichment, our scoped and blinded signals help your ML models stay compliant with global privacy laws while benefiting from our unique detection and risk analysis.

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Stop malicious bots, protect user privacy. Find the right bot management solution for your company.


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World-class bot protection
Works in every country
Complies with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPL and more
Friction-free “No CAPTCHA” & 99.9% passive modes
Bot detection and risk scores
APT mitigation
Control challenges and types shown
Control challenge content used
Fine-grained difficulty levels
Flash Sale protection features
Multi-user dashboards, SAML SSO
Advanced reporting features
Enterprise SLAs

Who uses hCaptcha?

hCaptcha is the largest independent service of its kind. From Global 2000 to startups, thousands of enterprises choose hCaptcha to protect their online services.

"Why do we use hCaptcha? No one else could deliver on the features and performance we need."

— Alex M., Product Manager @ Shopify

Leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify use hCaptcha Enterprise to protect customers while preserving privacy.
More than 60% of all major payment platforms, along with many banks and other fintechs around the world, use hCaptcha Enterprise platform solutions like Private Learning to stop fraud and abuse.
The largest tech companies and public clouds, many leading startups, and thousands of others choose hCaptcha Enterprise to protect their platforms, stop fake registrations, detect account takeovers, and more.
From global top 10 largest gaming companies to startups, online game companies choose hCaptcha Enterprise to prevent giveaway abuse, account takeovers, in-game abuse, purchase fraud, and more.
Privacy-focused government agencies across the Americas, Europe, and around the world choose hCaptcha Enterprise to protect their most critical services. Our managed solutions and unique features like Zero PII keep e-Government services safe for users without operating overhead.
hCaptcha offers unique features for Telecoms, including First-Party Hosting to enable hcaptcha.your.com, simplifying zero rating. Mobile, satellite, and fixed line operators around the world use hCaptcha Enterprise to stop activation fraud and more, whether human or automated.
The most popular privacy-focused messaging, email, and VPN services all choose hCaptcha Enterprise to protect their platforms while maintaining strong privacy guarantees.

Custom Threat Models and Zero PII features maintain strong security without blocking legitimate users of privacy browsers like Brave and tools like Tor.

Enterprise Features

hCaptcha Enterprise delivers unparalleled accuracy and power to solve trust and safety issues.
From automated attacks to human abuse, our complete security platform gives you the tools you need.
World-class bot protection
Battle-tested at web scale.
High accuracy risk scores
Detect bad actors of many different types.
Zero friction and 99.9% passive modes
Challenge less than 0.1% of legitimate users.
Control challenge types shown
Wide library of types to choose from.
Control challenge content used
Stay on brand with a consistent user experience.
Enterprise SLAs
Guaranteed reliability and fast 24/7 on-call support.
Legacy browser support
Compatible all the way back to Internet Explorer 8.
Support for non-JavaScript clients.
Advanced reporting dashboards and API
See what’s happening across all your sites and apps.
Works in every country
Unlike reCAPTCHA, we work in every country.
GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD-friendly privacy policy
Designed for privacy from day one.
Strong Data Processing Agreement.
Fine-grained difficulty levels
Dial this in to exactly fit your use case.
First-party hosting
All requests and assets go to hcaptcha.yourdomain.com
Multi-user dashboards
Share management across your team.
SAML SSO integration with Identity Providers like Okta or Azure AD.
Sophisticated RBAC access restrictions available.
Instant Verification
0ms latency: verify hCaptcha tokens with no API call.
Mobile (iOS and Android) Integration
Seamless experience across web, native mobile, mobile web.
Pre-built integrations and native SDKs available.
Customized Terms and Privacy Guarantees
Satisfy your legal needs when other companies cannot.
Ready to see what we can do for you? Contact us today to get a demo or start a pilot.
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Our Expertise is Applied 24/7

Empower your SOC with Security ML, or let us manage response

From real-time detection to 24/7/365 SOC coverage by ML and our trained experts, hCaptcha Enterprise lets you rapidly respond to new threats, whether human or automated.
Let us manage the details, or supercharge your own SOC with powerful new tools.